Traffic Tickets

The red and blue lights flip on, and you hear a blaring siren “woop woop” behind you. We have all been there before but many do not realize how painless it is to fight a traffic ticket! iTicket Fight has the professional experience that you need to successfully submit a written declaration (tr-215) to dismiss your California traffic ticket.
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Most Popular Traffic Tickets

Here are some of the common California traffic tickets we receive inquiries about.

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Below is a list of the different types of traffic tickets under California Vehicle Code. iTicket Fight handles all moving violations in all California jurisdictions including but not limited to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Orange County, Fresno, Riverside, Temecula, San Bernardino, Alameda County, Oakland, and Sacramento.

Speeding Tickets

Red Light Tickets

  • Red Light Ticket [VC 21453] aka Failure to Stop at Red Light Ticket or Right Turn on Red Ticket or Running Red Light Ticket.
  • Red Light Camera Ticket [VC 21453] aka Photo Enforced Ticket
  • Red Light Pedestrian / Jay Walk [VC 21453] aka Jay Walk Ticket
  • Regulations of Turns [VC 22101] aka Failure To Obey Sign Ticket aka Restricted Turn Ticket aka No Turn on Red Ticket
Turning & Lane Changes

  • Turning Upon A Highway Ticket [VC 22100] aka Improper Left Turn Ticket aka Improper Right Turn Ticket
  • Unsafe Lane Change [VC 21658] aka Unsafe Turn Ticket or Improper Turn Ticket or Laned Roadways Ticket.
  • Unsafe Lane Change [VC 22107] aka Unsafe Turn Ticket or unsafe Turning Movement Ticket Failure to Signal Ticket.
  • No U-Turn in Business District Ticket [VC 22102] aka U-Turn in Business District Ticket.
  • Two Way Left Turn Lanes [VC 21460.5] aka U-Turn from Curb Ticket aka U-Turn Ticket.
Failure to Yield
Disobeying Traffic Signs

  • Violation of Signs Ticket [VC 21461] aka Failure to Obey Sign Ticket aka Disobey Signs Ticket.
  • Unlawful to Disobey Sign, Signal, or Traffic Control Device Ticket [VC 38300] aka Disobey Traffic Sign Ticket.
Seat Belt Tickets

Lighting Violations

Emergency Vehicle & School Buses

  • Yield to Police Car Ticket or Failure To Yield to Fire Truck Ticket.
  • School Bus: Meeting and Passing [VC 22454] aka Passing School Bus Ticket.

  • Following Too Closely Ticket [VC 21703] aka Tailgating Ticket.
  • Pass on Right Safely [VC 21755] aka Driving on Shoulder Ticket.
  • Ticket aka Failure To Stop at the Marked Limit Line Ticket
  • Failure to Pay Tolls Ticket [VC 23302] aka Toll Evasion Ticket or Toll Ticket.
  • Blocking Intersection Ticket [VC 22526] aka Gridlock Ticket.
  • Driving on Wrong Side of Road [VC 21650] aka Wrong Way Ticket.
  • Entry onto Highway Ticket [VC 21804] aka Unsafe Entry onto Roadway Ticket.
  • Prohibited Stopping, Standing, or Parking [VC 22500] aka No Parking Zone Ticket.
  • Traffic Control Highway Construction [VC 21367] aka Construction Zone Ticket.
  • Video Monitor Ticket [VC 27602a] aka Video Screen Ticket.

How to Dismiss Your Ticket

All you have to do is utilize 5 minutes of your time to answer questions (case details) about your alleged traffic violation. iTicket Fight will prepare all Trial by Written Declaration documents for you to send to the courts so that your ticket gets dismissed!

  • No court appearances!
  • No fines!
  • No traffic school!
  • No point on your driver’s record!
  • Guaranteed WIN, or your MONEY back (less $20.00 Administrative fee)!
  • Professional assistance every step of the way!
  • Over 5,000 tickets dismissed!

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