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Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Tickets – CVC 21461 - iTicketFight | Fight Traffic Tickets Now - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Tickets – CVC 21461

Did you receive a CA traffic ticket for violating VC 21461: Obedience by Driver to Official Traffic Control Devices? The are numerous reasons on why you received a “Failure to obey traffic control device / regulatory sign” ticket. We recommend the Trial by Declaration method as court matters may be stressful, and we are here to HELP!

We diagnose the details of your traffic incident then prepare defense documents for your Trial By Declaration (trial by mail) so that you mail these in to the courts. We guarantee that you will win as we have our Money Back Guarantee policy (less $20 administrative fee)!

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What is Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device or Regulatory Sign?

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21461 (a) states that it is illegal for a driver to fail to obey a traffic sign, signal, or control device. This is a vague citation that encompasses any traffic sign, signal, pavement marking, or traffic control device. It’s often a catch-all that can be written in a variety of circumstances.

  • Failure to obey traffic control devices.
  • Failure to obey signs.
  • Failure to obey a traffic device.
  • Failure to obey regulatory signs.

As such, this type of ticket is known by many names including violation of signs, failure to obey sign, failure to obey highway sign, failure to obey traffic device, etc.

What Exactly is a Regulatory Sign?

Not only does this include any traffic regulatory sign or traffic control device, it also includes pavement markings. Generally speaking, the “failure to obey a sign or signal” ticket stems out to different types of scenarios.

Types of signs this violation describes:

  • No U-turn.
  • No left turn.
  • No right turn during a certain time frame.
  • No turn on red.
  • Do not enter.
  • Wrong way.
  • One way.

How much is a Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device or Regulatory Sign ticket in California?

As of 2017, the minimum fine for violating CVC 21461 (a) is $238.00 in most CA cities. Generally, this citation is not as expensive as the more specific vehicle codes for (unlawful speed, red light violations, HOV lane violation, etc.). This figure does not include the increases in auto insurance premiums that result from a guilty traffic ticket conviction (moving violation). By dismissing your ticket you avoid the auto insurance premium increase!

*All estimates include base fine, mandatory 20% California surcharge, and penalty fees and assessments.

Answers to common questions about Failure to Obey a Sign or Traffic Device Tickets

Does a Failure to Obey a Sign or Traffic Device Ticket Add a Point?

Yes, VC 21461(a) adds 1 point to your CA Driver’s Record.

Will it increase my insurance premium?

Yes, as with most CA traffic tickets (moving violations), a guilty conviction for a “failure to obey a sign or signal” ticket increases your insurance premium for 36 months (unless your violation is dismissed, or if you complete traffic school upon eligibility).

How to Fight a Failure to Obey Regulatory Signs Ticket

Simply give us the details of your alleged infraction, and we’ll prepare your defense documents for your Trial by Declaration! It works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Tell us the details of your alleged infraction on our website.
  2. We prepare all the of your defense documents then we send it to you via e-mail (or by mail if you do not have access to a printer).
  3. You mail the documents with your post bail to the courts before your due date.

No court appearances, no points, and no traffic school! To get started, click the button below.

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