What We Do

Summary: We prepare all your defense documents (Form TR-205) for your Trial by Declaration (TBD), and you mail these in with your $ post bail by your due date (via USPS certified mail). California court’s TBD is a trial by mail so your physical court appearance is not required. You will receive your case results from the court within 1-4 months (via postal mail).

When you start service, allow us the allocated time (standard, rush, or next day service) to prepare you your defense documents. When you receive the defense documents (via e-mail), you must print, sign, and mail the defense documents, including the $ post bail check (fine amount) by the due date.

Do you know what the $ post bail check (that you make out to) is used for? A $ post bail check (deposit of the fine) is required to be mailed in with the defense docs during a California Trial by Declaration! https://www.iticketfight.com/home/faq/

Results vary:

Win (refund): $ post bail refund, no point, no traffic school (TS).
Lose (you pay): $ post bail pays fine + (if applicable) Court $ TS admin fee, $ TS enrollment fee, and complete online TS exam.

We extend a sincere gesture to our clients by offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policyhttps://www.iticketfight.com/home/guarantee-policy/

*iTicket Fight, and the court, are 2 separate entities so we have no involvement with the court’s trial progress. You would be notified of the verdict via mail 1-4 months (Form TR-215). For further information, refer to the California courts Trial by Written Declaration option.