Toll Road Violation Tickets – CVC 23302

Did you get a “Toll Road” ticket? If the citation was issued by law enforcement then the fine is drastically higher. A $238 Toll Road Violation ticket is expensive, and we at iTicket Fight have the expertise on how to get your citation dismissed!

How do we do it? Well we analyze details of your traffic stop then we prepare you your defense documents for your Trial by Declaration (trial by mail). We guarantee that you will win with our 100% Money Back Guarantee (less $20 administrative fee)!

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What is Toll Evasion?

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 23302, every driver crossing a toll highway must pay the toll charge for using the toll road. The money is usually collected electronically from the driver’s mounted electronic transponder when passing underneath the antennas. Online pay, pay by plate, and toll booth pay are other options as well. Toll Road money collected is used to maintain the condition of the highway, and if you don’t pay the toll fee then this is considered toll evasion, or a toll road violation.

How much does a toll violation ticket (issued by law enforcement) cost in California?

As of 2018, the fine for CVC 23302 starts at $238 depending on the type of toll road being used. By dismissing your ticket, iTicket Fight helps you avoid paying the expensive fine.

*All estimates include base fine, mandatory 20% California surcharge, and penalty fees and assessments.

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How do you pay for a toll road?

There are several payment methods accepted by toll plazas in California including cash, pay-by-plate, toll payment devices, and electronic payment.

  • Cash – some toll roads allow you to pay a toll booth attendant using cash.
  • Pay-by-Plate – a picture of the car’s license plate is taken and the toll fee is automatically mailed to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Toll Payment Device – in California, you can purchase an electronic device called a FasTrak® transponder that automatically pays your toll without having to stop at the toll booth.

Each toll highway is operated by separate agencies so the accepted methods differ depending on which toll road you are crossing.

Why do you have to pay to use a toll road?

Money collected at tollbooths are used to maintain toll roadways.
What happens if I didn’t have enough money on my FasTrak®?

Typically if you drive through a toll collection point in a FasTrak® lane but you don’t having enough funds on your FasTrak® transponder then you’ll receive a bill in the mail for the difference.  If you drive through a toll collection point in a FasTrak® lane but you don’t having a FasTrak® transponder entirely then you will receive a ticket (sent by FasTrak®) for toll evasion that is $25-$75. In both scenarios, you can pay for the toll online, or by mail once you receive the bill.

*However, if you get pulled over by a police officer for evading the toll then you are likely getting the expensive “state issued” traffic ticket.  Changing the settings on the device to forge a less amount of passengers to reduce/avoid the toll, or doing something to avoid the toll entirely could land you to an expensive $238 ticket!

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  3. You sign then mail the documents with your post bail to the courts (1-3 months for the verdict).

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