Carpool (HOV) Lane Tickets – CVC 21655.5(b)

Under CVC 21655.5(b), vehicles traveling in the HOV lane must meet the minimum occupancy requirements posted at the freeway entrance sign. Drivers who misuse the carpool lane are subjected to steep fines. This is one of the most common driving infractions that we see, and iTicket Fight can get your carpool ticket dismissed (or your money back)!

What is a carpool (HOV) lane?

The California Department of Transportation (DOT) allows high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) to use preferred lanes, known as “carpool” lanes on highways. The HOV lane is an incentive for vehicles who carry more passengers while contributing to lesser vehicles on the road & emissions. People who share rides are rewarded for cutting down on traffic & pollution by using a less congested lane(s).

What cars can drive in the carpool lane in California?

There are exceptions that allow motorists to use HOV lanes without meeting the minimum occupancy requirements which includes the following:

  • Clean Air Vehicles (CAV) as defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board.
  • Motorcycles (even just a single rider).
  • Mass transit vehicles (buses).
  • Paratransit vehicles that are clearly identifiably marked on all sides of the vehicle with the name of the paratransit provider.
  • Exempt and official vehicles (police, emergency vehicles, etc.)
  • Some carpool lanes are only in operation during certain hours. Outside of those hours, all vehicles, regardless of number of people in the car, can use the carpool.
  • If the lanes are operated by FasTrak then these lanes require a FasTrak transponder regardless of # of passengers.

*There is no exception for pregnant women using the carpool lane.

How much do carpool (HOV) lane tickets cost?

As of 2016, carpool lane tickets cost $490 minimum in California.  That’s a high price to pay for California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21655.5 (b), with minimum totaling higher than other common tickets including mild to medium speeding tickets and stop sign tickets.

This is how much you can expect to pay for a carpool ticket in California.

  • Carpool (HOV) lane ticket = $490.00

Other factors may influence the cost of your fine including previous traffic violations, the number of points on your driver’s record, and the time since your last traffic citation.

*All estimates include base fine, mandatory 20% California surcharge, and penalty fees and assessments.

Answers to common questions about carpool lane tickets

How many people do you need to use the carpool lane?

The number of people required in your car varies depending on the requirements posted at the HOV lane entrance. In some counties, carpool lanes only require 2 or more persons while others may require 3 or more persons. The best way to know is to read the signs posted at the entrance of the HOV lane; it will tell you how many people you will need in your vehicle in order to drive on the HOIV lane.

Does 21655.5(b) give you points on your record?

No, a guilty CVC 21655.5(b) verdict (riding solo in the carpool lane) does NOT add a point to your driver’s record. However a guilty CVC 21655.8 verdict (illegally crossing over an HOV line) does add is a point of your record.

Will driving solo on the carpool lane ticket affect my insurance premiums?

No, this ticket will not affect California insurance premiums. California regulations only allow insurance companies to adjust insurance rates based on traffic violations that relate to the safe operation of a vehicle which are those that carry points.

Riding solo on the HOV lane is a non-moving violation (does not carry points), and is not an infraction that questions the safe operation of a vehicle.

*The citation will appear on your driver’s record, and insurance will be able to see it but they will not raise your car insurance premium for CVC 21655.5(b).

Can I attend traffic school for a carpool ticket?

No, traffic school is only offered for violations that result in points on your driver’s record.

How to Fight a Carpool Lane Ticket

Simply tell us the details about your alleged infraction, and we’ll prepare all the defense documents for the Trial by Declaration for you. All you have to do is sign & send in these defense documents along with the required post bail before the listed due date.

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