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If you’ve received a traffic ticket for driving with your headlights off, iTicket Fight can help dismiss your ticket! At times a citing officer can issue the alleged violator a verbal warning but if you are unlucky, you may have receive a ticket for driving with no headlights turned on. We specialize in preparing appeal documents for your Trial by Declaration (trial by mail) in all of California. We have helped happy customers successfully dismiss their tailgating ticket, and got their post bail refunded (typically $238).

How do we do it? We analyze the details of your alleged violation then we prepare your written appeal documents (TR-205) for the Trial by Declaration (trial by mail). We guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed with our 100% Money Back Guarantee (less $20 administrative fee)!

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What are the Rules Around Headlights?

In general, all drivers must turn on their headlights under the following conditions:

  • From sunset to sunrise.
  • Weather conditions that cause poor visibility such as fog.
  • Roadways that require daylight headlight section.
  • Any time of darkness.

According to CVC 24250, vehicle headlights should be switched on by no later than sunset. Since sunrise and sunset varies each day, always remember to turn on your headlights when it begins to get dark for your safety. Prevent dangers on the road, and avoid the no headlight ticket by doing this simple task!

Headlights on When it’s Raining

Do you have to turn your headlights on in the rain? The answer, yes. 

Some drivers aren’t aware that they are required to turn on their headlights when it’s raining. These types of tickets are up to the discretion of the law enforcement. When it is raining, the objects on the road are less visible, especially moving objects like cars that don’t have a bright paint color. Make yourself more visible on the road by having your headlights turned on when it’s raining.

Broken Headlights

An officer can give you a ticket for driving without headlights on at night even if it’s due to a broken headlight. Unlike other vehicle equipment tickets, a broken headlight is not a fix-it-ticket. For this reason, always remember to perform a vehicle inspection every month to make sure your vehicle is operating correctly.

How much is a ticket for having a headlight out in California?

As of 2018, the cost for a CVC 24250 headlights off/out ticket is $238 in California. On top of that, a guilty conviction increases your car insurance premium. Similarly, the cost for a CVC 24250 broken headlight ticket is $367 in California. On top of that, a guilty conviction increases your car insurance premium.

By dismissing your ticket, iTicket Fight punches out the 1 point gained on your driver’s record!

*All estimates include base fine, mandatory 20% California surcharge, and penalty fees and assessments.

Answers to common questions about failure to yield tickets

Does “driving without headlights turned on” ticket add 1 point on my CA driver’s record?

Yes, driving with no headlights on at night adds one point to your CA driving record.

Can you get a ticket for having a headlight out?

Yes, you can get a fix it ticket for having 1 headlight out.

Is driving without headlights a moving violation?

Yes, driving without headlights is a moving violation (1 point).

Do you have to turn your headlights on when it’s raining?

Yes, California law requires all vehicles to turn on their headlights when the vehicles windshield wipers are in use during the rain. Having your headlights turned on increases your visibility on the road as poor weather conditions makes it difficult to see some cars on the road.

What if I had my parking lights on but not my headlights?

CVC 24250 requires you to have your headlights on, and parking lights cannot be a substitute as headlights in darkness.

How much does a broken headlight ticket cost?

As of 2018, the cost of a broken headlight ticket is $238.

How to Fight a Headlights Off Ticket with Us

Fighting a headlights off, headlights out, or broken headlight ticket is simple with the traffic ticket experts at iTicket Fight. We’ll prepare all of your appeal documents for you trial by written declaration (trial by mail), and you mail them in by your due date with our easy instructions. Trial by mail means that your physical court appearance is not required since you’ve responded to the ticket by doing the trial by mail.

It works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the details of your alleged infraction on our website
  2. We’ll prepare then e-mail you your defense documents for your Trial by Declaration (trial by mail).
  3. You print, sign, and mail the appeal documents with your post bail to the courts before the due date (1-3 months for the verdict).

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