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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - iTicketFight | Fight Traffic Tickets Now - 100% Money Back Guarantee

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does iTicket Fight do?

We prepare all your defense documents (Form TR-205) for your Trial by Declaration (TBD), and you mail these in with your $ post bail by your due date (via USPS certified mail). California court’s TBD is a trial by mail so your physical court appearance is not required. You will receive your case results from the court within 1-4 months (via postal mail).

When you start service, allow us the allocated time (standard, rush, or next day service) to prepare you your defense documents. When you receive the defense documents (via e-mail), you must print, sign, and mail the defense documents, including the $ post bail check (fine amount) by the due date.

What is a post bail?

The Trial by Written Declaration requires you to post bail, which is a deposit to the court, usually in the amount of the traffic fine, and you can do this by including a check with the appeal documents, when you mail it out. For further information, please refer to the California courts Trial by Written Declaration policy.

What is the “Money Back Guarantee” policy?

Money back guarantee: Results may vary, and our success ratio is that we dismiss about 70% of the tickets we inquire. We are known for our *MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* (please see Warranty) policy, if the verdict of the case results in a loss.

Who mails out the Trial by Written Declaration documents, and how do you do this?

You are FULLY responsible with the mailing out of your defense documents for your trial by written Declaration as it requires a post bail + your signature on the documents.

Include a check for the amount of (Post Bail $) to (Name of Court), memo “(Citation #) post bail”. We recommend that you use your bank check, so that you can monitor where and when the check is cashed. [Please do NOT post bail with credit card & do NOT pay online. This method of payment is not applicable towards appealing any ticket through Trial by Written Declaration, based upon California court policies.]

Place the documents with the post bail check inside an envelope with the “mail from” and “mail to” address on the envelope, and mail it out via USPS certified mail [please keep your receipt for records] so that there is proof of mailing by posted due date, tracking is provided, and the mail recipient at the courthouse must sign for it. The mail to address is located on the bottom of your ticket and/or on top of form TR-205. Do this at least 5 days before the (Due Date), but doing it earlier will reassure you that everything is in. You can drop it off to the court house in person if needed, make sure you drop it off at the correct drop box.

Will I still be able to take traffic school if my case does not get dismissed?

Given that a defendant is eligible for traffic school, a defendant is not held against traffic school eligibility just because a citation was contested. However, traffic school is ultimately under the discretion of a judge. If for any reason the courts do not provide the option to take traffic school after a guilty verdict (rare cases), we can prepare our clients a request for traffic school form and it is simply mailed out by client to the assigned court. This is outlined on Title 4 on the California Rules of Court sourced directly from their official website

Does iTicket Fight service parking tickets?

No, we do not service parking tickets.

Does iTicket Fight service tickets outside of California?

No, we do not service traffic tickets outside of California.

Does iTicket Fight service DUI’s?

No, we do not service DUI’s.

How do I monitor my case status?

Some California courts have websites that show case status. If they do not then you can try calling, or else you will have to wait for a decision in the mail.

What happens if I have not received a decision from the courts after the 3 month period?

Please keep in mind that the courts and iTicket Fight are 2 separate entities and we have no involvement with the court process. You would be notified of the results before iTicket Fight does as they mail you the results through the mail (Form TR-215 is the verdict). If you do not hear back from them, contact the courts.

What are the benefits of contesting a traffic ticket?

Contesting a California traffic ticket gives a defendant the opportunity to dismiss a traffic ticket that they received for an alleged traffic violation. Dismissing a traffic ticket essentially saves you the most money as it lifts the liability of paying for the fine, as well as takes the point off your driver’s record without the requirement of completing traffic school to do so.