Cell Phone Tickets – CVC 23123 & CVC 23123.5

California Vehicle Code prohibits drivers from talking or texting on a cellular device that is not hands-free. The fines for CVC 23123 are not cheap but iTicket Fight can get your cell phone ticket dismissed!

  • First offense – $160.00
  • Second offense – $200.00

What is a Cell Phone Ticket?

Talking/Listening Ticket (CVC 23123)

California vehicle code prohibits talking on a phone without a hands-free function while driving. This includes listening and conversing on a phone.

Texting while driving (CVC 23123.5)

California vehicle codes prohibits writing, sending, or reading a text message while driving. This includes text messages, instant messages, and e-mail.

Key Points

  • drivers can’t talk on a cell phone while driving
  • drivers can’t text message while driving.
  • applies to anyone driving in California regardless of what state issued you a driver’s license
  • drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use cell phones while driving, even with a hands-free device (CVC 23124).


  • using a phone’s GPS service.
  • making an emergency call to a law enforcement agency, medical provider, fire department, or other emergency service agency.
  • individuals operating authorized emergency vehicles.
  • individuals operating vehicles on private property.

The Grey Area

There are several grey areas because of the evolving way we use cell phone technology. Some include:

  • viewing a cell phone photo album.
  • using social media.
  • utilizing an internet browser.

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