Guarantee Policy

Money Back Guarantee Policy: Results may vary, and our success ratio is that we dismiss about 70% of the tickets we inquire. We are known for our *MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* (please see Warranty) policy, if the verdict of the case results in a loss.


Warranty: *Valid proof of case outcome is to be shown for any refunds*. To file for a refund, you must upload a picture of the verdict (tr-215). Refunds are only valid 30 days after the postmarked, filed date of the Verdict. Administrative, Rush, and Next Day service fees are non-refundable.


  • If your case is not dismissed, we will issue a full refund of the iTicket Fight written appeal fees.
  • If you result in a fine reduction, we will issue a partial 50% refund of the iTicket Fight written appeal fees.
  • Once you receive the documents, they must be used for your Trial by Written Declaration otherwise a refund will not be honored.
  • No Refunds are issued after the documents are prepared & issued to you; refunds are only valid after the hearing.
  • No Refunds are issued for cancellation of service as most likely an associate has already started the document preparation process.
  • No Refunds for any circumstance involving where the case: requires a mandatory in-person court appearance, if an in-person court appearance has been scheduled, if the fine has been paid, or if the Trial by Written Declaration procedures are not followed then the warranty is VOIDED and client is not eligible for any refund.